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The lead free solid copper bullet has a large diameter polymer tip to accelerate expansion for rapid trauma upon impact. The bullet design is optimized for. Federal Premium Ammunition Winchester Short Magnum (WSM) Grain Nosler Ballistic Tip rounds ; Feet Per Second · Foot Pounds · Polymer Tip. DPX® Hunter is available in rifle loads as well as handgun hunting loads. The reliable solid copper bullet provides consistent expansion, and deep penetration. caliber rifle cartridge introduced in It is a member of the Winchester Short Magnum family of cartridges. The WSM is capable of firing Winchester Short Magnum and fitting it with a caliber bullet. The correct name for the cartridge, as listed by the Sporting Arms and Ammunition. GRS. Semi-Jacketed Soft Point bullet. A lead core with a precisely engineered jacket results from its controlled expansion and high weight retention. Tikka WSM with a 10 length rounds; Antelope, deer and elk with one load; yards max, but reality is yards or less; experienced hunter.

The WSM Winchester ballistic tip projectile's high ballistic coefficient helps ensure reliable accuracy at long range; whether hunting or target shooting. wsm ammo Federal Premium is quality hunting ammunition designed for maximum performance and reliability. Premium hunting bullets are matched with select. WSM ammo for sale ·. · Federal Premium Ammunition Winchester Short Magnum (WSM) Grain Nosler Ballistic Tip rounds · Winchester Ballistic Silvertip.

WSM Grain Rifle Ammunition allows rapid expansion upon impact and terminal penetration of deer. This deer-specific ammo features a streamlined ballistic. Browse our Wsm Ballistic Tip Ammo & Storage on Use our advanced product search tools to find exactly what you are looking for! Winchester Short Mag (WSM) This firecracker of a round took the Win to the next level - same bullets but a whole lot faster in a short action. GS Custom Bullets - Bullet Profile. Case and COL based on: WSM. Check the COL of your rifle for suitability with this bullet as described above.

Exhibiting controlled expansion with a large mushroom and % retained weight, the bullet provides deep penetration and large cavities. Available as. Win Short Mag Load Data. Case: R-P. Barrel Length: 24". Case Trim Length: ". Primer: Fed Twist Rate: ". Bullet. Weight. Bullet Type. Winchester Ammunition Supreme, WSM, Grain, Supreme Ballistic Silvertip, 20 Round Winchester - Ballistic Silvertip - Winchester Short Magnum.

As you can see, since the loads for each cartridge used the exact same bullet, and since the WSM has an advantage (about fps) in velocity, it has a. WSM, Grain Ballistic Silvertip ammunition provides hunters proven immediate knock-down. Innovation combined with engineering excellence makes. Winchester factory ballistics quote a muzzle velocity of fps for the WSM shooting a grain Ballistic Silvertip bullet in a 24 inch barrel. The.

But I love the gr Accubond for my all round bullet in my wsm near or far. Hornady markets the SST as a ''premium'' hunting bullet, but IMO. Home · Ammo; WSM. WSM. WINCHESTER WSM BALLISTIC SILVER TIP GR 20 RND BOX. $ Read more · WINCHESTER SXP WSM GR XP3 20 RND BOX. To buy a full case, order 10 boxes. Ammo price is per box WSM centerfire rifle cartridge, grain AccuTip Boat Tail bullet, fps, 20 round. WSM is an efficient, flat shooting 8mm magnum rifle cartridge. Bullet weights range from to gr ( to g). Performance is on par with the two.

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Search Showing. of 2 · Now Seeking WSM Ammo · Cost Range. $ - $ WSM down to mm was a hope for lighter recoil, greater accuracy and possibly better ballistics at long range. I have been shooting the WSM a lot and. winchester Rifle Ballistics Charts ; SHV, , 0, , ; X, , , 0, Hello all, I have a tikka wsm that I used to shoot an elk a few years back with a hornady precision hunter eld-x grain bullet at yards. I was. Ballistics ; m/s · m/s · m/s · m/s. Description. Our favorites for WSM ammo are: Deer Size Game: Berger VLD and Classic Hunter, Hornady ELD-X, Nosler Ballistic Tip, Nosler Accubond. WSM Grain Centerfire Rifle Ammo is ideal rifle ammunition for hunting big game at long-range. The exceedingly streamline Ballistic Tip bullet utilizes a. Caliber: Winchester Short Magnum (WSM) – Bullet Weight: Grains – Bullet Style: Nosler Ballistic Tip – Case Type: Nickel Plated – Quantity: Per Winchester Short Magnum / WSM (Using GR Nosler Bullets) reloading data bullets: GR Nosler AccuBond Spitzer, Ballistic Tip Spitzer or. Winchester USA Target x45mm NATO 55 Grain FMJ Centerfire Rifle Ammo Federal Premium Terminal Ascent Win Grain Centerfire Rifle Ammo.
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